A one-week celebration of artistic freedom all over Norway March 2021

Safemuse together with a long list of Norwegian artists associations, arts organizations and institutions are inviting to the second year of 'Fri Kunst', ("Artistic Freedom Week") 1-7 March 2021 all over Norway.


Artistic freedom is under increasing pressure, and artists of all disciplines and genres are under threat, being persecuted and censored, prosecuted and imprisoned, harassed and even killed. In Europe this is also a growing problem, with Spain being the country globally imprisoning most musicians - both in 2018 and 2019 (Freemuse: The State of Artistic Freedom).


In Norway artistic freedom has been up for debate recently, with several cases where artists have been met with threats and accusations.


On the basis of this, Safemuse has taken the initiative to expand the annual marking of Music Freedom Day the 3rd of March in Norway into a national celebration of Artistic Freedom. We are inviting institutions, event-organizers, clubs, galleries, theatres, orchestras, ensembles, organizations, unions and all others who want to join for a full week of concerts, exhibitions, performances, shows, seminars and discussions to focus on as many aspects and perspectives of artistic freedom as possible. Either to dedicate an event or concert already planned to Artistic Freedom, or to organize something especially related to this topic during this week.


Through this we will gain a general increased awareness, consciousness and knowledge of the importance of Artistic Freedom. The idea is to coordinate whatever will happen during this week under a joint tag and umbrella, and through coordinated action, raise the awareness.

See the list over of our supporters here.

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